Are reservations required?
Yes, reservations are required. Otherwise we can not guarantee a boat.

Are the boats covered?
Yes, all boats are covered. Only after consultation with the client we can/will offer an open boat

What are the office hours?
The office is open from Monday-Saturday from 9:00-17.00. On Sundays the office is closed.

Where is the starting location?
The starting location is at Amsterdam Central Station. Other start or end locations can be booked on request. Please note that additional fees are charged for this.

Do the prices include taxes?
Yes, the prices on the website include all taxes.

How can I pay?
We require a deposit of at least 50%. This can be done by credit/debit card, VISA, Mastercard or American Express or bank transfer. The remaining 50% can be paid at the start of the boat cruise.

Is smoking allowed on board?
No. However, smoking is permitted on the outside decks of the boats.

Can I bring my bike on board?
No. This is not allowed because of the chance to damage the boat.

Is there a toilet on board?
Yes, on all boats is a toilet on board.

Is there music on board?
Yes, via a CD player or iPod / smartphone connection.

Is there heating on board?
Yes, all boats have a heater.

Can we book throughout the year?
Yes, we go every day of the year. Even in winter and on Sundays and holidays. On public holidays there is a boat rental tariff or package price of 150%.

Booking is possible after 24:00?
Yes, cruising after 24:00 is possible. We use a nightly rate of 200% after 24:00.

Is there any guide information in different languages?
Yes, you can always hire a professional guide that provides you with information during the trip.

Is it possible to decorate the boat, for example for a celebration?
Yes, you can decorate the boat before departure. We do not charge extra. After the boat cruise, you need to take away the decoration yourself.

Is it possible to bring catering and/or wedding cake?
Yes it is possible. For full details contact us.

Is it possible to book a different start or end location?
Yes, but extra costs will be charged for this. This needs to be discussed with the reservation department upfront.

Are there life buoys on board?
Yes, according to the legal requirements.

Can I get seasick?
That is very unlikely. The boats mostly cruise in the canals of Amsterdam, where the water remains generally very quiet.

What if it rains / storms / lightning storm / hail / freezes?
Our boats can be completely enclosed and have heating, so you are always warm, regardless of the weather outside. In the rare case that we cannot go because of high water, frost or storm you can cancel the cruise cost free.

Is it possible to bring my own guide on board?
Yes, the guide paid the normal rate.

Live music on board is possible?
Yes, but in some cases not, because of the limited space available on board. But please feel free to contact us.

What do I do if the boat is late or we ourselves are too late?
Call the reservations department at +31 20 737 2619.